Our Mission

Our passion is providing men & women with the perfect combination of style and elegance jewelries, and meant to be worn everyday, from day into evening, from blue jeans to black tie and everything in between.

Versatile jewelry design with a special twist, nature inspired, classically informed, timeless, yet modernized to complement today’s men and women.

Embracing jewelry as a work of art, inspirations come from daily surroundings – it might be color combination, animal kingdom, floral elegance and even creepy crawlies, each piece is handmade using beautiful gemstones and semi-precious gemstones.

But this is where our story gets really cool –
We are on a mission to revive ancient crafting techniques, materials and stories the stones used at Fans Jewel carry within them….stories of men who achieved greatness used these stones to help leave the massive footprint on the world.
You see, we only use ancient stones that have been used for jewelry for thousands of years.

Three things that we LOVE:
1) Superior skilled craftsmanship - the kind that you look at a piece of work, and SEE the time and love that went into creating it.
2) Pieces that you CANNOT find anywhere else - Pieces just don’t seem as valuable and special if they are mass produced and in every department store.
3) The STORY behind a piece of jewelry (or anything for that matter) - The stories of great men who have worn these materials before you, where the stones came from and how it was made...

So we decided to put these 3 criteria at the very heart of our design. We figured you'd love that, too...